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How to promote a podcast:

Here is a large list of podcast promotion strategies we are interested in trying.

Lift your guest audience

Make it easy for guests to share by creating snippets and quotes. Make it easy for guests to
share and promote their podcast episodes Include a series of media that can send and share a
note to them on the day their podcast goes live. Update pre-written tweets and status.

Promote on social media:

Social media is a creative and important way to promote a podcast. For starters, share an
update when the episode first goes live. After that, continue sharing your podcast on popular
media in different ways, like soundbites, videos clips, images, teasers, etc.

Here are some ideas:

  • Pin your episode tweets or Facebook posts featuring iTunes URL.
  • Create quote images on canvas or Pablo. Share it as a single social update with a link to iTunes.
  • Create a> 15 second sound bite clip. Upload to Sound Cloud. Then share on Twitter.
  • Twitter in particular has a neat implementation of Sound Cloud Audio.  People can play the audio directly from their Twitter stream.
  • Tweet with Sound Cloud-embed.
  • Tease 24 hours before the next episode time.
  • Reshare the podcast episode more than once.
  • Talk about the things behind the scenes in an Instagram story.

Release at least 3 episodes on launch day:

 Release 3 to 5 episodes when you first launch.
 Pick three episodes planned for launch day and two episodes for the next two weeks.
 Record and publish a few podcasts on launch day (3-5).
 If possible, build your audience before launching.
 Convert audio to YouTube video.

Submit your podcast to podcatchers and aggregators:

Beyond iOS Podcatcher, there are dozens of other apps that collect and play podcasts, and
there are many websites that feature new podcasts and help to discover.

 Throw a real party on launch day in person or virtually via Facebook Live
 Publish two weeks of podcast-themed blog content.
 Email 10 friends every day.

Be a guest on other people’s podcasts

As movie stars hit the talk show circuit to promote a new movie or politicians travel the country before the election, you can go out on a podcast tour and gain guest presence in podcasts in your niche. Anyone who takes you on offer will create great promotional opportunities for your new show. See the iTunes listing page and watch podcasts in dozens of categories.

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