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Growing YouTube channel for the

There is a variety of content that a brand can create to promote itself in the
digital space. However, there is something about podcasts that it can achieve a lot
in recent times. It is an audio file that people share digitally for download on any
device. It is usually made in the form of a series about a specific topic. Depending
on the nature of the issue, people may subscribe to it to listen to them. 75% of
people in the United States are aware of the term “podcasting.”  55% of the
country’s population listened to a podcast. 24% of them listen to podcasts every
week. Don’t forget, 1 million people in the country are podcast fans.

Those of you who are creating podcasts may want to consider uploading to
YouTube.  Some of you may think that YouTube (with 2 billion monthly active
users) is only good for video content. Surprisingly, this is also a great platform for
podcast creators because the platform can increase the number of listeners. This
allows you to reach a whole new class of visitors and spread your content. Here
are some simple ways to promote your podcast on YouTube:

Create the right podcast and upload it:

First and foremost, you need to know what type of podcast will work for you. You
can choose a podcast hosting platform and create your podcast.  If you publish
your podcast on YouTube, you can record it in episodes. You have the option to
create an audio file featuring static images and convert it to a video format. The
still image serves as the cover art of your podcast. Also, you can go for another
enhanced feature audiogram that combines both audio and visual elements.

Create micro-video:

Another great way to promote your podcast and, ultimately, by creating micro-
content for your brand on YouTube is to churn out short-sized videos from your
podcast episodes to give your audience an idea of ​​what they should expect. This
may be the best option for you but it is very time-consuming for such content to
appear. Given the short range of attention people get, it’s very unlikely that

they’ll be visualized through any annoying YouTube podcasts so through, your
podcast content should be considered published on the platform in a more
searchable, bite-sized form. This will give you better results.

Consider YouTube SEO:

YouTube works just like Google. While any written content can be optimized for
better search rankings, YouTube videos also need to be adapted to watch them so
the same principles apply when you are promoting your podcast on YouTube. 
Your content should be optimized using relevant keywords in your video titles and
descriptions. Also, consider using relevant tags when posting your video. This is
because, just like Google, YouTube also wants to get the best results from viewers
when searching for a particular item.

Engage with your audience:

Last but not least, you need to watch the YouTube podcasting as an opportunity
to interact and have a conversation with your audience. It’s usually one-way
communication, but you can make it more interactive and engaging by creating a
podcast community.  Having a clear call-to-action in your podcast content is the
best way to remove responses from your audience. You can ask your viewers to
share their opinions in the comments section of YouTube. This kind of interaction
with your audience will help you grow and retain more viewers.
Podcasts can seriously help a brand to grow. So, to find the right audience and get
your voice out to them, you must take your YouTube podcast promotion
seriously. The tips above can help you make the best use of podcasting on

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