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How to earn with the podcast.

What is a podcast?  Although the term podcast is gaining popularity nowadays,
most of us do not have a good idea about podcasts. So we don’t know what a
podcast is and how to create a podcast or make money from podcasting. Because
of not knowing, we have already gone back almost in this present era. There is no
point in removing yourself from such a popular market.  So today we know what
podcasts are and how to make money by starting podcasting. Let’s know the

Through reading, viewing, and sharing, we can exchange and communicate
information among ourselves. Radio and television were created to share this
information all over the world, not just with the people in front. Radio
broadcasting has got some modernity and is actually on FM radio. But television
videos have become several times more modern on the platform, according to
YouTube and Netflix. In the current situation, the stars of our society have
multiplied by making videos on platforms like Likee and Tiktok, due to the simple
platform that has been able to prove its worth. Think about it, how many talented
actors would have stayed behind the scenes if there was no tick? Many people
around us sing good songs, recite and know how to read good scripts, and can
evoke emotions with their own voice. But now there is an opportunity to develop
your talent in podcasting.  Just as we create videos, write articles, and share them
through various mediums (such as Facebook, YouTube, blogs), so if an audio file is
created and shared, that file is called a podcast. Simply put, any voice record is
made in audio format, so the process of creating podcasts and audio files and
sharing them over the Internet is called podcasting. The person who does the
podcasting is called a podcaster. The term podcasting is a combination of the
words iPod and broadcasting. Ben Hamersley named this new medium of content
delivery podcasting in 2004.

What is the benefit of podcasting?

None of us do anything without profit, why do we blog, why do we upload videos
on YouTube?  If there is content in these, then a podcast is also content.  The
audio file was there before, but the market has started to grow since the way to
make money here.  So you will get the same benefit here.  There are two types of
benefits to podcasting;

  • Gain acquaintance and
  • Income sitting at home

If your podcast starts to become popular, you also will be known in society as a
star, you will be able to establish yourself as a brand. People will be waiting for
your podcast just like we are eagerly waiting for the new release of any of our
favorite serials.

How to make money by podcasting?

How to make money from a popular program. Podcasts also have all the options
and opportunities

  • Paid subscription
  • Sponsorship
  • Direct Promotion
  • Make money by making videos
  • Visitors view/download

Visitors View / Download will pay you for each view and download when you
submit your file to various podcast sharing sites to get started early. If a series or
your podcast starts to gain popularity, you can charge a monthly subscription fee
for that series or your podcast.  Even if you get only one lakh audience, even if
you charge only 50 dollars per month, your income from sponsorship will increase
and your content will be noticed by different companies. They can earn money if
they express their desire to promote their product on your site. With the increase
in the popularity of income podcasts from direct promotions, you will get such
lucrative offers.  You will get paid to promote any product of the company, blog,
or website directly to the audience in the middle of any of your podcasts. In
addition to the above media, you can also make money by making videos using
free stock photos with your audio file and uploading them on YouTube or
Facebook. But you can’t expect to get everything in the beginning. You do not
want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

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